(subject to revision and the needs of individual instructors)

  1. PAYMENT: All payment arrangements shall be made directly with your teacher. Payments are due on the first of each month. No lessons will be taught if payment has not been received.
  2. HOLIDAYS: There will be no lessons on Christmas Day or during school breaks for holidays (except by special arrangement with your teacher), nor if there is a conflict with the church schedule. In the latter case, lessons will be made up.
  3. SNOW POLICY: In case of icy road conditions on weekends, please check with your teacher by phone.
  4. MAKE-UP LESSONS: Please discuss this with your individual teacher.
  5. BUILDING POLICY: There shall be no smoking in the building. No alcohol or drugs are permitted. No chewing gum at lessons, although cough drops or lozenges are fine. Rest rooms are available, as is a parents’ waiting room. Parents may wish to bring a book or magazine.
  6. CONDUCT: All students are expected to be courteous and attentive at lessons, and respectful of church property and adult leaders. No drinks are permitted on the piano; however, resealable water bottles may be placed on the floor.
  7. SAFETY: No children under 16 will be released until parent or guardian has arrived. Parents, please pick up your child when the lesson is finished.
  8. CONFLICT WITH CHURCH ACTIVITIES: Lessons will need to be rescheduled in the event of conflict with church activities such as weddings, funerals, etc. (Church phone: 304.258.1352).
  9. PRACTICING: Students are expected to practice at least 20 minutes per day (for beginners) and do music theory homework & other assignments. Good lighting and a bench or chair that is 18 inches high are essential. Several thick books (covered by a cloth) may be placed on the floor to support the feet of young piano students whose feet do not yet reach the floor. Practicing may be divided into 2 sessions per day, if your teacher agrees. Both keyboards & pianos are acceptable, but the latter is preferable & MUST be kept in good repair & in tune! Teachers of other instruments may have additional suggestions.
  10. A NOTEBOOK in which the teach can write the student’s assignments should be purchased and brought to each lesson. Please check with your teacher to find out which type s/he prefers to use.
  11. A TOTE BAG is the easiest way to keep the student’s music and other books together. You may use one that you already have, or order one from the following websites: Amazon, Zazzle, Ebay, Etsy, and Groovebags.com. They should also be available from music stores such as Music & Arts Center (there’s one in Hagerstown). These bags are usually available with pictures of pianos, keyboards, violins, flutes, etc.

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