I took piano lessons from Peggy many years ago. I still remember her patience, kindness, and firm, yet funny way of reminding me to cut my nails! Peggy is an accomplished pianist who truly enjoys teaching others to play. Over the years we have remained in contact I recall numerous times she has shared fond memories of teaching my sister and myself, and she also mentioned the joys of teaching her current students. Peggy has a true love of piano and harpsichord music and I know she would enjoy imparting this to more people! ~ Amy L.

Peggy was my piano teacher for 5 years. She was always supportive, punctual and professional. She is an excellent pianist and knows how to inspire the love of music in her students. She taught me with patience and responsiveness and I highly as a piano teacher. ~ Karen F.

Ms. Craig is my grandson’s piano teacher. She is fantastic. With the patience of a saint, and her ability to communicate with a child with no prior experience in music, I could not ask for a more qualified instructor. I highly recommend Ms. Craig to anyone interested in music/piano lessons. She is absolutely delightful. ~ Jenny M.